Welcome to Faeglen, a live action role-playing game, that runs in Southern New Jersey. We are a High Fantasy larp. High Fantasy means that the focus of magic is present, with fantastical creatures to play and encounter during your adventures. We also include the concept of Magitech which is the fusion of steamwork and magic creating a unique world where technology is present but to the point it does not appear too modern or futuristic.

I want to say thank you for taking interest in our game. We could not be here without the support of our family and friends that have inspired us to make this game come true. We wanted to bring a game world that would entice players to come to events and experience something different. I honestly do not want to promote ourselves as something ‘new’, because LARPing has been around for decades and the popularity of this hobby has risen recently that there are LARPs in almost every state and country. We at Faeglen simply want to present a unique world to immerse yourself in and together we will discover what secrets lie before us and seek Faeglen’s salvation.

The tyranny of the Darkness has faded but a lingering shadow still looms over Tellus. Are you prepared to be a Legend?